How It Works

Raising funds for a youth group is becoming increasingly difficult in today’s economy. The most profitable fundraisers will offer high value to the donor and low to no cost for youth group. It is also very important that the donor knows he is giving to a worthy cause. Setting up a youth auction can help your group raise a significant amount of funds in a short period. Here are the steps you need to take to set up your youth group fundraiser.

1. You will need some items to auction off. There are a few ways that you can get these items cheap or free. First go to local businesses and ask them to donate gift cards, ticket to events or any items that can be auctioned off. It is important to convey the purpose of this youth auction, the donor will want to know he is giving to a good cause!

You can also ask people to give good items that they no longer need. These may be items they would put in a garage sale or give to Goodwill or the Salvation Army. Again you will need to state your purpose to potential donors.

Another item you can Auction off is time. The youth can auction off hour long blocks off there time to clean gutters, rake leaves, mow lawns, babysitting, cooking a meal, or any other work that is not dangerous to the youth.

2. Inventory Your items and prepare them for auction. If you are using an online auction you will also need to take pictures. and write descriptions. I highly recommend the online auction to reach more potential donors and get the highest potential profit. Decide if you will deliver items or if there will be a central pickup locations and at what times.

3. Set up your online auction website, you can get one here. Load the items onto the site, you can set reserve prices and buy–it-now price if you wish.

4. Set the date for your youth auction fundraiser and start advertising. Promote the fundraiser in your church bulletin, make flyers, place an ad in the local newspaper, contact your local news to cover the fundraising event.

You can run an online auction for a one week period or run the auction year-round, providing you keep acquiring enough items. Imaging the profits of a fundraiser that runs all year!